• Fujian EIS:Chen Lijun——Industry Technology Pioneer

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  • 2017-07-13
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  • Summary:

    The reporter learned a few days ago, Fujian Shenyuan New Materials Co., Ltd. phase ii project will achieve mechanical completion by the end of the year, which is located in Kelmen economic development zone, the capacity of the world's largest caprolactam production base will be doubled. It is reported that the total investment of the phase ii project is 10.6 billion yuan, the first foundation pile...Details>>

  • Fuzhou Daily:The Biggest New Material Industry Base in the Province has been Raised b...

  • Summary:

    Recently, Lianjiang Kemen Development Area Administrative Board is busy coordinating the arrival of methyl formate experimental device.Following the integration of Shenyuan caprolactam and polyamide into stable production, with methyl formate as the starting point and Kemen chemical test base as the fulcrum, Lianjiang Kemen leverage a new chemical material industry chain of hundreds of billions.Details>>

  • Fujian EIS:Chen Lijun——Industry Technology Pioneer

  • Summary:

    Chen Lijun, deputy general manager of Highsun Holding Group and general manager of R&D Department, has been focusing on the r&d of polyamide 6 for many years, leading the r&d team to break through a number of products and technical barriers, contributing to the innovation and development of Highsun Holding Group and even the polyamide industry, was selected as a craftsman in 2017 Fujian EIS which ...Details>>

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