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    Highsun Holding Group Brand Value Ranks Top 1 in Fujian

    Writer:Highsun GroupSource:Highsun Group Number of visits: Date:2020-5-16 10:47
          On May 10, the fourth China brand day, China brand building promotion association, China asset appraisal association and other units held a online activity of "2020 China Brand Evaluation Press Conference".The number of brands released this time reached 564, with a total brand value of 7,356.3 billion yuan, an increase of 5.1% over last year.
           Highsun Holding Group ranked 10th in the list of textile with brand strength of 900 and brand value of 9.467 billion yuan, and ranked first in Fujian industry brand value. Since 2015, the brand value of Highsun Holding Group has been certified for many years, ranking at the forefront of national textile enterprises.

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