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  • 2020-06-30
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  • 创新研发
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    R&D Department

    vHighsun R&D Department
    Innovation and R&D is highly stressed by Higsun Group. Technology Service Center, Product R&D Center, Polymerization R&D center, Karl Mayer Center and Analysis&Inspection Center were settled. With present R&D 495 staff, Highsun R&D Center imported hundreds of equipments worth tens of millions yuan for analysis, inspection, trial production, such as automatical digital viscosity tester, bench nuclear magnetic resonance analysizer , liquid chromatograph, uster evenness tester, abbe refractometer, etc. Besides, it developed innovative cool yarns, mosquito repellent yarns, thermal yarns and other featured products, which gained profound market recognition and approval. Through innovation actions, Highsun R&D department is making more wonderful miracles.

    vR&D Achievements
    R&D Department has been working on the study of differentiated and functional products. In present, FDY mother yarns, cool yarns, mosquito repellent yarns, thermal yarns, wicking yarns ,temperature-adaptable yarns and other yarns were finished research and put into production. Highsun R&D Department currently owns 443 the national intellectual property patents, 1 natinal standard, 6 chemical fiber industry standard, 11 invention patent. Highsun R&D is heading for specializtion and standardization.